A life changing experience. She made me feel comfortable as she used her skills to organise my living areas and re-home the extra things I was holding on to. She has only done a few rooms in my home, but I can already feel the anxious blanket of a cluttered home is lifted. I can’t thank her and her services enough for what it has done for my family. Knowing that our extra things are donated to the right people makes it that much easier to let go of that extra linen, clothing, toys, pots and pans.I recommend this service to anyone who feels a little anxious about certain areas of their home. She will find you some space and peace.

Susan, Ocean Reef

Erin has helped me declutter a few different spaces of my home on a few different occasions now. Her expertise in knowing how to make a space/room more practical as well as aesthetically pleasing is amazing! She understands that life and homes are not about being instagram perfect but about being the best that they can be for you and your family. Her approach to decluttering your items to help Declutter your mind and life was just what I needed at each time she came. I can’t thank you or recommend you enough Erin. X

Jessica, Heathridge

I found Erin’s advice absolutely invaluable! I have had some mental blocks when it comes to de-cluttering my house. Somehow, just spending half a day with Erin was enough to overcome my fear of letting go (of my things). Erin helped me decide what to keep and what to chuck. However she also provided additional tips and tricks on how to undertake daily chores more efficiently. I am much happier and less stressed now that my house is not full of clutter! I feel more organised and have more time to myself 🙂 I highly recommend Erin, it will be the best investment you make!

Hennah, South Perth

Thank you Erin for all your help Decluttering my house. I now feel more organised and less stressed about all I need to do around the house. Now it’s just about putting things back where they belong and everything having a place… it was hard to give a few things away but it felt great afterwards… I feel lighter. Couldn’t have done it without your help and it was really nice to have your company through the process… my son loves you! Thanks heaps!

Kimberley, Sorrento